Wedding- Hockley Valley Resort

Tegan & Jan-Michael

The day is finally here, Tegan and Jan are getting married! So obviously I was super excited to see these two tie the knot and for Tegan to officially be apart of our family. The whole day was amazing and there was so much love and laughter throughout the entire day. I started the morning with Jan and the groomsmen (3/4 being my other cousins) so it was full of them joking around, throwing back shots and getting ready. While getting ready, Jeremy couldn't find his suit and when everything was figured out, it was accidentally not delivered! Well, I was not gonna let him walk down the aisle wearing a 1990s wolf shirt(see below) so I sprung into action and made some calls for the suit to be delivered. We weren’t sure if it would be delivered in time, but my hubby worked his magic and arrived 10 minutes before the ceremony and everything went off without a hitch! Talk about smooooooth lol (she was told around 10pm when she was all cool as a cucumber and the day was perfect, she gasped and said “thank god I didn’t know, I would have flipped out!”) Ps Never tell the bride anything on the day of her wedding unless you want complete chaos, fix it yourself and move on! SO next, morning with Teegs. Her and the girls were getting ready in the brides suite and it was loads of cuteness as they continued complimenting Tegan and being the best girls, getting her mimosas, making her laugh and keeping her stress free. Finally, its dress time! Tegan’s mom and maid of honour Carly got her into dress and when she turned around there was not a dry eye in the house. Tegan was stunning and finally all ready to get hitched! The ceremony was full of love and many laughs especially when Tegan had a hard time getting the ring on Jan lol. They sealed the deal with a sand ceremony and once they both said I do, forever and ever, it was official with a kiss and they were announced to everyone for the very first time as Mr. & Mrs. Burden!!! It was a fabulous day at Hockley Valley Resort and we all had fun laughing during the speeches and dancing the night away!